Angina Treatment Houston TX | Cardiologist

Angina pectoris literally means anguish in the chest.

Angina is a warning, but not necessarily one with signals flashing and whistles blaring. Many heart attack survivors look back on events and realize that they missed warning signs of what was to come because they thought that something so dangerous would hurt more. Although some survivors do report having felt pain, just as many people take pains to emphasize that what they felt was uncomfortable rather than painful.

The sensation may be just a little different for everyone, but the most common description is a burning, boring or pressure-like discomfort , felt in the center of the chest that may also be felt in the back, neck, arms or jaw. Discomfort is usually brought on by physical activity, fear, anger or worry and may bring with it: shortness of breath, nausea and sweating. Most importantly, the sensation compels stillness or cessation of activity to allow symptoms to resolve and they do, over a span of 1-30 minutes.

If you are worried that you have angina, ask for help. Any unexplained chest discomfort that might be angina warrants discussion with a healthcare professional.